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3XN to design housing in Vienna

3XN has won an international competition for a residential development in the heart of Vienna. With a design that gently fits into the neighborhood, but also with its own expression and identity; 3XN’s proposal was chosen as the winner by a unanimous jury.

Vila Aspicuelta, in São Paulo

The eight houses that compose Vila Aphins challenge the logic of vertical buildings: the different units are disposed side by side horizontally, and function vertically. The street continues through the villa, partially covered by the building, and gives access to the staircase of each individual unit.

Vitrvm, housing towers in Bogota, Colombia

Richard Meier & Partners to design first project in Bogota, Colombia. The Vitrvm development will consist of two towers with a total of 36 apartments and will be located along Septima Avenue in the north section of the city. The project is contextually inspired by the beauty of its immediate surroundings and it aims to reflect and to engage the beautiful gardens and large trees at the Chico Park and the Seminario Mayor.

Saxena Apartments, in New Delhi

The Saxena apartments are designed to accommodate three families within two typologically distinct apartments - single floor and duplex. Our design chose to work within the fabric and scale of the context, anchoring this building firmly between a neighbourhood park on the north and a busy street on the west.

Apartament Nº1, in Mahallat, Iran

This project is built in Mahallat, an ancient town in the central region of Iran where more than 50% of the local economy is engaged in the business of cutting and treating stones. In this project, leftover stones from the local stone-cutting factories are recycled to use for both exterior and interior walls of the apartment complex. The apartment complex is situated in proximity to the central area of Mahallat, consisting of two retail spaces on the ground level, and eight residential units on the four upper levels.

The Avenue on Portage, Winnipeg, Canada

The Avenue on Portage revives two historic commercial buildings from the turn of the century located one block west of Winnipeg’s most famous corner, Portage and Main. Once major retail destinations in the city, the Avenue and Hample Buildings experienced a slow decline, becoming blights to the street and downtown. In 2010 our client purchased the site to develop the derelict properties into 75 rental apartments and 22,500 square feet of commercial space.

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