Desert City

Desert City is a multi-functional complex dedicated to the celebration of xerophyte plants and the production of a broad culture of interests focused on these species. It promotes a landscape/cultural program that defends dry or waterless landscaping as necessary in a semi-desert climate like that of southern Europe.

Civic Centre Lleialtat Santsenca

Three starting points: understanding the historic value of Lleialtat Santsenca (1928),an old working class cooperative in the Sants area; knowing to the detail the building’s physical state to maintain as much as possible; and being sensitive to the whole collaborative process launched in 2009 by neighborhood organizations to recover the building.


It’s a striking piece of architecture, a belvedere that occupies a dominant position in the landscape. Its sculptural, monolithic and uniform shape rests on a windowless podium. Its height makes it visible from a distance and invisible at the bottom, concealed by vegetation.

Home back home

HOME BACK HOME is a de-emancipation agency that proposes to act accordingly to this paradigm shift not viewing it as a failure but as an opportunity that allows fostering a destandardisation of emancipation processes through the construction [made in collaboration with de-emancipated persons] of a series of tools that can be able to encourage the emergence of proactive strategies in relation to change and crisis.

Dome Lamp

The renowned architect Benedetta Tagliabue has designed a new pendant lamp called DOME for the Spanish lighting company BOVER. Dome is a lamp inspired by the domes of the Renaissance.

Port Adriano, the new marina designed by Philippe Starck

Located on the south coast of the island of Mallorca, Port Adriano has become one of the Mediterranean’s main luxury leisure marinas, with 82 new berths for  yachts and super-yachts of up to 60/80 metres long. Philippe Starck designed the shopping area and the unique features of Port Adriano, the mark of identity of this new, exclusive leisure marina.

Cool Blue Villa

Being surrounded by water. A stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. The residents of this villa enjoy a maximum holiday experience in their holiday villa. In the long-term they could even transform their holiday home into a place to settle down and grow old happily ever after.

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