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MVRDV se creó en Rotterdam (Países Bajos) en 1993 por Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs y Nathalie de Vries. MVRDV se compromete a nivel mundial a proporcionar soluciones a problemas arquitectónicos y urbanos contemporáneos. Un método de diseño basado en la investigación y altamente colaborativo involucra a expertos de todos los campos, clientes y partes interesadas en el proceso creativo. Los resultados son edificios ejemplares, planos, planos urbanos, estudios y objetos, que permiten que nuestras ciudades y paisajes se desarrollen hacia un futuro mejor.

El trabajo de MVRDV se exhibe y publica en todo el mundo y recibe premios internacionales. Los 60 arquitectos, diseñadores y miembros del personal conciben los proyectos en un proceso de diseño de colaboración multidisciplinario y aplican los más altos estándares tecnológicos. Junto con la Universidad de Tecnología de Delft, MVRDV dirige The Why Factory, un grupo de expertos e instituto de investigación independiente que ofrece argumentos para la arquitectura y el urbanismo al imaginar la ciudad del futuro.


MVRDV designs residential towers with lush public green valley in Puerto Santa Ana, Ecuador

MVRDV has revealed the design for The Hills, the firm’s first project in South America. Designed for Quito-based developer Uribe Schwarzkopf, the project is located on the Guayas riverfront in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Comprising six residential towers atop a mixed-use plinth that creates a lively, landscaped “valley” on its roof, the design is inspired by the many juxtapositions found in Guayaquil itself – from the broad expanse of the river contrasted with nearby mountains, to the sight of modern high-rises on the shoreline set against the colourful hillside settlements of the Santa Ana hill.

Gymnasium Beekvliet

Two alumni of the Gymnasium Beekvliet – MVRDV founding partner Winy Maas and Theobert van Boven of Van Boven Architecten – are leading the transformation of their old secondary school in the Dutch village of Sint-Michielsgestel. The main element of the design by ‘Team Old Beekvliet’ is a colourful, flowing addition that reaches out into the school’s plaza and considerably improves circulation, creating a new focal point at the heart of the building.

MVRDV completes Bulgari flagship store in Shanghai

Shanghai Plaza 66 – one of the largest and most popular shopping malls in Shanghai – is now the home of a new Bulgari flagship store at Shanghai’s Nanjing Road. The new store features a green, jade-like façade designed by MVRDV, made from brass and recycled champagne, beer, and other glass bottles. Inspired by a medley of influences, from the original Bulgari store in Rome to Shanghai’s unique Art Deco architecture, the project is innovative and sustainable, yet remains true to the heritage of both Bulgari and Shanghai.

Traumhaus Funari

MVRDV's Traumhaus Funari project has started construction in Mannheim, Germany. The project, which redevelops parts of a former US Military barracks, takes a new approach to suburban development by combining affordability, individuality, and diversity, while prioritising pedestrians and greenery over cars.

Shenzhen Women & Children’s Centre

MVRDV has begun work on the Shenzhen Women & Children’s Centre, renovating a mixed-use building that hosts a wide range of facilities for the welfare of women and children including a library, a theatre and “discovery hall” for children, a women’s exhibition hall, a family service hall, and supporting facilities as well as offices and a hotel. With its colourful façade and green rooftops, the building is a refreshing presence in Shenzhen’s Futian district; more importantly, at 100 metres tall, the building sets an important precedent for repurposing buildings in a city that is soon to see a “great wave of adaptive reuse”.

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