Wooden Forest

The “Wooden Forest”, situated on a beautiful estate of Ipse de Bruggen Foundation in the heart of Holland, is a medical centre for adults with mental disabilities.

More than 400 clients live at the residence, where they receive care and daycare activities are organised. For the specific needs of many of the patients a wide range of medical facilities and therapeutical services are provided by more than 100 staff members at the “Wooden Forest”.

To support the specialized care, social integration with the local village is very important and encourages clients to integrate with the community. In return, local residents are permitted to use the medical and sports facilities at the centre, including the rehabilitation pool where kids can take swimming lessons.

Comprising a number of different entrances and exits over 4675 m2, the original building from 1978 was extended by an L-shaped corridor of 545m2 with one centralised entrance. The corridor features original vertical wooden elements, thus giving it the feel of walking through a forest. It leads to a large open space with views onto the newly
designed outdoor area surrounding the centre. The building has been renovated with respect for the many of the original details, and all in a sustainable way. In addition, flexible office and meeting rooms have been newly created on the ground floor and first floor. Andrea Möhn Architects was fully responsible for the interior design and integrated the residents in the design process by considering carefully to their needs and integrating suggestions and requests.

Strategic designers Silo created a spatial identity of beautiful illustrations. A wonderful world of ambiguous animals plays a trick on reality to stimulate the imagination of the users. The skin of the animals forms an antithesis to their archetypal qualities. Fluffy bunnies turn out to be prickly like a cactus and gray swine are made of precious shiny pearls.

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