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Many institutes of learning now seek to educate through self-discovery, enabling students to consider what makes them who they are, so they may begin to take responsibility for their own development.

The design for Wellington College’s new Cultural Quarter, consists of a new 1,400 capacity Performance Arts Centre and a ‘cultural living room’, a space where students are inspired, and their education can flourish, both through formal and spontaneous performances.

Beyond the project brief, the auditorium of the Performance Arts Centre was to overcome the obstacle of the ‘sunken effect’ of the existing theatre, caused by level differences in the terrain. This was tackled by providing a longer ramp that softly winds around the circumference of the amphitheatre, not only creating an interactive approach but also a vibrant front to the campus.

By situating the Cultural Quarter of the college between a dense forest and beautiful historic Victorian buildings, approaching students are met with a construction of charred wood that gives the impression of having emerged from the surrounding woods.

The main auditorium’s circular shape is inspired by historic Grecian amphitheatres, creating a building with no angles: a form that sits softly within the forest landscape. Designed with high quality acoustics and efficient circulation in mind, this Performance Arts Centre is the venue for students to showcase their creative talents in a formal setting. The buildings are clad in charred timber, sitting softly alongside the dark bark vernacular textures. The auditorium balcony fronts have been designed as an evolving surface that reflects and scatters the sound to maximise the theatrical experience.

Attached to the auditorium SSA placed the new Cultural Living Room, a ‘public square’ between the campus and the forest which connects the Performance Arts Centre with the existing theatre. This space is not limited by its four walls, rather it is a public space that is vibrant, open, filled with natural light and boasting a large window overlooking the forest, inhabited by students of the arts.

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When entering the Cultural Living Room, the heart of the Cultural Quarter, students will be met with spontaneous exhibitions, performances or social gatherings all set against an inspiring forest backdrop. By allowing music, dance and theatrical rehearsal to be integrated within this Cultural Living Room, it becomes a space for artistic happenings, as well as a social hub for the creative community of Wellington College.

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