The Dental Care Centre

The Dental Care Centre is a healthcare facility designed with the spirit of a wellness centre rather than a standard dental treatment facility.

The opportunity presented by the naturesque, singular site and the client’s vision resulted in space that is atypical, cheerful and endowed with natural light, bringing positive energy to the patients. This is enabled by crafting the space around a square layout, focused on an open-to-sky courtyard and water body in the centre. The layout permits ingress of diffused natural light into the interiors, whilst lending a comfortable atmosphere to the space. The openness of the courtyard binds all the varied functions together, thereby expanding the volume of the space.

The site’s linearity, along with the presence of existing trees, presented a challenge as well as an opportunity during planning. Mature trees have been retained as part of the passive design strategy of shading to reduce the heat load. A spacious deck and sit-out spaces adorn the site for visitors, while bamboo screens provide privacy to the staff quarters. The centre has 3 treatment rooms that are arranged to maximise the views of the beautiful landscaped green. The primary treatment room is oriented along the North-East in order to maximise the diffused north light coming in. Keeping in mind the experiential aspect of the design, the circulation involves interactive green spaces for the patients, as they traverse from the outdoors to the treatment chair. The services are oriented towards the west for better thermal insulation.

In order to maximise diffused, natural daylight and mitigate glare from the south sun, a floating roof, made out of wood and MS steel trusses was conceived. The interface between the roof and the wall is sealed with bespoke fixed glass panels. Artificial lighting is planned with LED linear lights, arranged in a modular manner and recessed into the modular wooden ceiling panels. The interiors flow into the greens outside through the large punctures of the fenestration, while natural light seeps in to the spaces unhindered. The centre is designed as a barrier-free space, fostering unrestricted movement through the site. The base colour of the interiors is off-white, emphasising the vastness of the space, with shades of warm wood lending it a tranquil quality. The vitrified flooring and the large UPVC fixed windows compliment the furniture, made of laminate with lacquered glass tops, for hygiene and ease of maintenance.

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