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Each city is given unique character by its history. Unfortunately in China most cities are losing their features after reconstruction and taking on almost the same image. It is imperative for urban real estate developers to retain cultural heritage of the city through balanced and appropriate design solutions.

Old and new co-existing under curve-shaped roof

Situated at the intersection of Yangtze River and Han River, Hanyang district of Wuhan is endowed with dynamic beauty of water. The adjacent Guiyuan Temple, a treasure for Buddhist since Qing Dynasty, renders tranquilness and solemnity in the community. Through drawing inspirations from the local culture and the Buddhist architecture, Waterfrom Design created a “sloping rooftop” for the new building, which seems to fly above the land and well integrate with the local context.

Poetically framed in a landscape painting

Black and gray steel bars form the spine of the rooftop, stretching and undulating like rolling mountains. Combined with the wide pool on the ground, a visual image of landscape painting is in sight. Transparent glass curtain wall interacts with reflections of clouds and lights in the water, creating a fascinating view and bringing spiritual peace of “A breeze produces no ripples”.

Extending space rhythm along the curved lines

The curves of the facade are also utilized in the spatial arrangement. Take the design at the entrance for example. Its curved circulation line borrows the form of Moon Lake, a famous local scenic spot. The slope is gradually lowered, creating a ceremonial sense for people, and leaving disturbing noises outside. Besides, in the large-scale open space, the curved ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows outline a natural frame. In VIP area, the two curved 3D walls look like sculptures, enriching the space with artistic beauty.

Capturing familiar experience in daily life

The partition wall wholly pied up by tea bricks records the past glory of tea trading in old Hanyang City during Northern Song Dynasty. The tea utensils made from local pottery are simple and rough, showing Hanyang people’s habit of drinking tea up to now. The flavor of tea reminds us to cherish the common experience in our everyday life.

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The new building exists as a landmark that blends into the urban fabric. Combining deconstruction skill with oriental imagery, Waterfrom Design achieved a balance between historical community protection and commercial real estate development.

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