Sarcostyle has been planned by Hayri Atak Architecture and Design Studio for a long time and has been determined as a concept Project in Manhattan after the necessary research has been carried out.

The first concept to be mentioned about the structure is the motivation it has. The sense of structure and the most basic philosophy is organism. From this point of view, when a more detailed examination is made it can be clearly said that it is porous and sensitive functioning and processed like a tissue in the entire continuum it has. Among the phenomenal features of architecture between the definitions in which the body and the senses are so valuable Sarcostyle harmoniously overlaps with these opinions.  It gets its name from here.

Another of the many different titles that stand out about the structure is undoubtedly its touch on the city skyline. If examined in this sense, it can be said that the biggest difference of the structure from its counterparts performed for the same purpose is the smooth transitions it has. Its touch on the city silhoutte takes its steps by progressing through certain processes and this circulation is expressed as follows: Inside all of them but essentially completely outside.

As the Sarcostyle, which finds its place among the structures, rises, it tears up the patterns it surrounds and begins to appear as a volume over the city. Its boundaries are tangent to the rest of the structures and it functions like an organism that also contains the spaces to cover them, but while all this is happening its borders against all of them ara consistent and balanced. This respectful reproduction also makes it impressive and elegant in silhoutte.

Sarcostyle also clearly reveals the architectural images it has. It expresses very frankly that it is not only concerned about creating forms of visual attention, but rather a means for the generation of new senses. It is possible to perceive this with its permeable facade and transparent but full body.

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