Residential house in Pasárgada

The site is located in a condominium of Nova Lima, on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte, surrounded by privileged natural resources such as a vast tropical Savanna eco region of Brazil and the Atlantic forest.

The plot plan was very challenging as the land was presented with a sloping topography, which showed an elevation up to 25 metres. The idea was to create a flatter topography to meet the client’s needs who wanted the house to be built at the same level and the bedroom and bathroom’s floor planted on a higher section of the land. Higher level in relation to the rest of the other sections of the house.

In order to solve this problem and have an ideal access to the garage level, but at the same time benefit from the beautiful landscape, a careful plan had to be designed. Several slopes of earth have been created to retain the walls of stones called “escrava” and  reduce the level differences of the site.

The house was seated on a concrete slab suspended from the ground and projected out of the perimeter of the plant. This technique, besides protecting the house from the ground, gives lightness to the construction by releasing it from the ground. It was also a client’s request for a roofed house, but with the freedom to do it in a less traditional way, in harmony with  the contemporary design.

The large balcony / gourmet terrace without the use of intermediate pillars was solved with the use of structural pressed eucalyptus with laminated beams placed besides being an ecological alternative. This same eucalyptus will be used in pergola at the entrance which has not  been built yet.

The interior design, created with the collaboration of the designer Nara Cunha, should approach the same architectural design, with a more contemporary look. The fundamental point for this partnership to be successful is the mutual agreement and the sense of responsibility in creating a space that in its own would be not only consistent in terms of architectural design but also in its interior, preserving the environment as well.

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