Oosterdokseiland: New Urban Campus for the City Centre of Amsterdam

The tip of Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam will be a lively environment where people can meet, inspire, live, work and play.

The developer BPD agreed to complete the realisation of this area. Spanning 225,000 m², Oosterdokseiland is one of the largest urban projects in Western Europe. The last sub-plan consists of a social hub, specifically designed to encourage encounters, and includes 72,500 m² of total space for public facilities, apartments and additional office space for Booking.com. It is hoped that the area will be in use by the end of 2020.

Ben van Berkel: “The design for this fully integrated new urban campus is envisioned as a highly multifunctional living and working environment, enriched with special amenity and public programmes. The urban gesture of the building weaves together with the existing streets, while the east side of the building will become a recognisable emblem for Oosterdok.

The development of the area was started over fifteen years ago. Through perseverance and a strong belief in the area – and despite a slowdown in its development over recent years owing to challenging economic conditions – planning is now underway for the last two lots. Oosterdokseiland is an inspiring mix of living, working, studying, recreation and entertainment for residents and visitors to Amsterdam. In recent years companies including Vodafone, TomTom and Takeaway.com have settled here. Facilities such as the Conservatory, the Public Library, a hotel and a broad range of restaurants and cafes make the area attractive to a wide audience.

Grondzaken Alderman Eric van der Burg: “Oosterdokseiland is an appealing, central place to live, work and relax near Central Station. We are pleased to be able to create new public and living space here as well as offer Booking.com, which has its roots in Amsterdam, a venue that suits its growth and innovative way of working, something that is mirrored in the spirit of the city itself. Interdependence and mixing functions are at the heart of this project.

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Jeroen Galle, project director ODE on behalf of BPD: “In recent years Oosterdokseiland has become a dynamic place to come to, every day hundreds of people to work, live and go out here. It has become a modern part of the city of Amsterdam. The latter sub-plan, designed by UNStudio / Ben van Berkel, will be the finishing touch to the development of this area, overlooking the Oosterdok, the IJ and the old town.

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