New Saint Petersburg Showroom

The 300 m2 space in the imperial Russian city showcases the elegance and sophistication of the brand’s bespoke collections Having already consolidated its presence in China, MisuraEmme has now turned its sights to Russia by teaming up with partner Ardefo to open its first mono-brand store in the heart of Saint Petersburg.

It’s hoped that the store will become a point of reference for lovers of modern Italian design while providing a blueprint for additional stores in the largest country in the world.

For its sophisticated, contemporary mono-brand store, MisuraEmme – a leading company in the production of bespoke furniture systems and solutions – has chosen a central location in the city’s prestigious Petrogradsky Island, which is already home to many historic and cultural buildings.

The five display areas (two daytime areas, two night areas and one walk-in closet) are set in a space spanning over 300 square metres, illuminated by natural light streaming in through windows that look out onto the street.

Customers are instantly surrounded by the warmth and sophistication of the MisuraEmme style, with natural, earthy colours enhanced by the finest materials and expert production techniques. It makes for the perfect place to explore a snapshot of the brand’s vast product range.

First up is the celebrated Palo Alto walk-in closet, an example of MisuraEmme’s core business, followed by the exotic Gaudì table in Sahara Noir marble,  accompanied by the modular Madison sofa. The stand-out pieces in the two night areas are the sleek Margareth bed and inviting Ghiroletto bed, both of which set the tone in spaces dedicated to relaxation  and comfort.

Finally, there are plenty of more recent products too, such as the iconic Florentia armchair and solid Moai coffee table.

The exclusive new city location is designed to respond to the growing demand for modern Italian design in the recovering Russian market. “We have had a presence in Russia since the late 1990s,” explained MisuraEmme co-owner Ottaviano Borgonovo, speaking to a large group of industry insiders at the inauguration event at the end of October. “We have been able to see first hand the various phases the economy has gone through and I can say with certainty that the interest among the Russian people has never cooled. There has always been a high level of appreciation for the creativity and manufacturing that go into Italian products, which are synonymous with quality.” The climate of optimism around the Russian market is backed up by the facts. In 2017, Italy was Russia’s second-biggest supplier of furniture, while Italian exports of furniture to Russia have increased by 2% in the first four months of 2018.

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With the opening of this first mono-brand store in Russia, MisuraEmme is aiming to portray itself as a home furniture player with a distinctive and instantly recognisable style, building its presence via a strategy that moves away from classic multi-brand stores and focuses on exclusive exhibition spaces where visitors receive an all-encompassing experience.

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