Leadwood Loop

The architecture of 6 Leadwood Loop was designed in accordance with Feng Shui principles. The square geometry of the floor plan is aligned with the cardinal axis. The shape, position and orientation of all the spaces and bodies of water were guided by Feng Shui protocols.

Characteristics like elemental roof forms with large eaves, overhanging upper storey, play of light and shade, screening, flow of spaces including an uninterupted indoor / outdoor flow and lush landscaping are all hallmarks of Tropical Modern architecture.

The house is a layered composition of individually expressed horizontal elements. The offshutter concrete and glass ground floor level is articulated from the timber clad first floor level by means of the cantilevered first floor plate, and the angled cantilevered ground floor terrace projects out over the timber and stone lower floor level. Subdivisions in the timber doors and windows reinforce the horizontal lines of the architecture. The building culminates in the bold form of the pyramid roof with a two metre overhang, splayed timber eaves brackets and T&G eaves closer.

The site offers exceptional panaramic sea views from the north east through to the south east. The rim flow swimming pool with a natural stone waterfall feature and sundeck have been placed on the north side of the house, enjoying warm sunlight throughout the day, but at the same time being significantly shielded from the prevailing winds coming off the ocean. An al fresco sitting area and shallow reflective pond adorn the east facing terrace, providing a tranquil area to linger and enjoy the natural splendour of the Indian Ocean.

The double volume space positioned centrally at the heart of the home acts as a hub that the other spaces radiate out from.

The large open plan main bedroom suite integrates a luxurious lounge and an open plan ensuite bathroom and dressing area into one seamless space. Expansive sliding doors and windows along the east and south edges of this space open up to take full advantage of the sea views.

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From the Interior Designer:

Our part was to create a luxurious, sophisticated interior with a touch of glamour, but serving the needs of a growing family. We looked at addressing the needs of all the individuals to deliver a pleasing, functioning home with a sense of timelessness, including elements that followed trends, but were not trendy. Some ‘tongue and cheek’ touches were also included.

We used restraint as the brief was ‘less is more’ but delivered a home that is not underwhelming in any way and very pleasing to the architects and the home owners.

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