The Good Suit Co

Located in the shopping hub of Corbusier’s Chandigarh, The Good Suit Co is designed by RMDK as an eclectic mix of traditional extravagance and contemporary novelty.

The brand’s ideology and inspiration to deliver the finest suiting & shirting fabrics woven across the illustrious mills of the world was thoroughly studied, strategized and incorporated within the overall design language. Aiming to be indicative of the advanced creative trajectory of the fashion house, the interior palate used is intricately layered and meticulously detailed to represent a perfect balance between the sumptuous past and the promise of a scintillating future.

The store was designed with an intent to create the experience of modern retail and exhibition zones within luxurious heritage buildings. This was done by conceptually segregating the interiors into two parts, the shell which is the overall paneling, ceiling and flooring which exudes an old-world charm and the fixtures and floating furniture that are modern, sleek and bold. It was designed keeping the modern, extremely fashion savvy and flamboyant target audience in mind to create a higher recall value of the shop by creating a retail experience that is impactful and lasting.

The store’s décor is a mix of neoclassical opulence and sleek mid-century designs rendered in an uber chic modern style. The space is defined by the three different sections of classical vaulted ceilings ornamented with exquisite handmade paintings and striking chandeliers. The paneled walls and a rich parquet floor along with classical cabinets in a royal shade of blue create a stunning visual, spatial and experiential harmony.

The color palette of blue with white and gold has been adapted from the mid-century regal proclivity and the modish fondness for the color blue. The formal, expansive and balancing color of blue not only becomes the central theme of the store; but also gives it a splash of color with a feeling of freshness and lightness in combination with white to create an elegant, luxurious and cozy welcoming space. The strong tonal variation is softened at places with a neutral brown to create highly articulate spaces.

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This exquisite décor is further enhanced by contemporary metal fixtures, oak wood tables, blue velvet upholstery, well planned lighting and strong visual merchandising. Every element in this store has been specially customized. The highly detailed frescoes on the ceiling have been exclusively hand painted by an artist. The parquet flooring, specifically designed and hand cut for this store, has been contrasted with the luxurious Italian flooring tiles, laid out in a book fold layout aligning with the furniture.

The minimal yet bold and luxurious entrance display window along with the rear feature wall have been designed to propagate and showcase the idea of sharp formal menswear clothing with crisp cuffs and collars. Each lighting fixture has been planned and positioned to control the lighting spectrum and neutralize the coldness of the color blue. The furniture design and color palette eloquently bind these interior furnishing elements while niftily complementing the displayed products.

The Good Suit Co thus curates an avant-garde international retail experience in line with the brand’s philosophy and product range. The space exudes modern lavishness and warmth, and shows that the richness and subtlety of design truly lies in its details.

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