The Culinary Village: Arda Showroom

Based on the idea that a kitchen is the heart of a home, Lukstudio creates a culinary villagewhere kitchen appliances are displayed in four domestic settings, alongside a gallery, a cooking classroom, a VIP lounge, and a multi-functional courtyard. The design has transformed the original 1000-sqm mechanical floor into a complete brand experience for manufacturer Arda.

Excerpt: A village of ideal kitchens
Situated by a reflective pooland framed by green walls, a white box marks the entrance of the journey. Following stepping stones in the shallow water, visitors enter a dark tunnel. On the left, an introductory video is accompanied by a water feature of dishwasher jets; on the right, a peek into the courtyardsahead of their discovery. The main displayarea is organized as a series of white huts, each presenting an ideal kitchen: minimalistic white, total black, rustic country and modern American. Lukstudio has placed these volumes carefully, carving out strategic openings to create a visual dialogue with one’s movement.

Walking along the stone pavement, a vaulted shed stands out within the quiet “village”. Reminiscent of an outdoor kiln, the space displays the evolution of oven technology and creates an interesting twist in the spatial experience. Next to the red-brick structure, afully-equipped classroom with movable doors and cooking stations provide a multi-functional area for try-out sessions and company events.Passing windows with views to the exterior courtyard, one reaches the VIP lounge where exquisite dinners will be served. Lined with travertine stone slabs and walnut wood panels, this elegant room promises memorable gatherings.To top it all, guests are welcomed into the adjacent conservatory and outdoor courtyard where herbs are planted and picked to garnish their dishes.

Reinventing the experience of a conventional kitchen showroom, Lukstudio has created an artificial village of different homes, set in a cozy courtyard that brings water, daylight and plants into close proximity. While the project presents many possible consumer experiences, it also reflects on the essence of an ideal living environment.

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