Slack Technologies Vancouver Office

Award-winning communications-based software company Slack located its multi-level headquarters in Yaletown, at 1028 Hamilton Street. The Slack Headquarters re-imagines the industrial space into a 3-level interconnected floor space with modern detail and everyday, utilitarian materials.

The new offices retain the heritage character of the building by integrating the exposed brick, original wooden beams, and exposed mechanical infrastructure into the design. The custom steel demising walls are coated with a matte gunmetal lacquer. The industrial character of the office was designed as a strategic and contextual response to both the heritage of the Yaletown warehouse building, and the social nature of the communications and projects of Slack.

One of the most significant features of the historic building are the large bay windows on both levels, which provide ample natural light to the industrial building. The windows throughout the office are framed in black, which softens the light and elegantly anchors the space. The primary meeting rooms on the second floor, which are adjacent to the second floor bay windows, are transparent so that the street is visible throughout the office. Additional daylight is subtly filtered through the many skylights in the working area, as well as the cafe, reception, and atrium.

Mobile meeting rooms can be rolled around the office, encouraging break-out groups, play, or just some extra privacy. Elsewhere in the Slack offices, Skype meetings and phone calls can be held in semi-private cubbies, derived from a phone-booth typology.

The second level of the Slack offices opens through an atrium seating area and stairwell that connects the main level with a small lounge overlooking Hamilton Street. Balancing the industrial atmosphere of a tech-company headquarters, the offices retain warmth with an eclectic mix of locally sourced furniture and artwork, and abstracted natural elements. The concept of an ‘interior nature’ is explored with the mossy wall, located at the heart of the headquarters. Overhanging this space is sculptural pendant lighting by local creative firm, Molo Design. The organic shapes, suspended in the high space between upper and lower levels like floating clouds or tree mushrooms, connect working and social space.

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