REDValentino opens the new Flagship Store in London

REDValentino is pleased to announce the official opening of the first flagship store in 133, Sloane St., London. An evocative and luminous atmosphere. A dialogue distinguished by liveliness and brave combinations. It narrates creativity with passion, rreverence and dynamism. New spaces interpreted with a unique style.

With this energetic and vibrant spirit, Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli has developed the new store concept together with architect and designer India Mahdavi.

‘The initial idea, together with India, was to create an intimate and emotional space. A meeting place that favors dialogue, a virtual and real exchange of ideas. London is a dynamic, cosmopolitan and unique metropolis. It is important for me to have a REDValentino store in this universe-city, centre of constant evolution and multicultural activity. London is unconventional and follows the continuous beat of the heart’.
Pierpaolo Piccioli

The 170 square meter store features a great brass and glass façade on one of London’s most strategic streets, inviting customers to discover a new intimate and enchanting space, allowing them to dream and tell stories. The oneiric atmosphere is set free creating striking contrasts with a harmonious overall mood. The sinuous lines of each element within the store blend with the collections, giving life to a myriad facets and endless interpretations. Visual and tactile contrasts animate, the versatile and multiform space. White, pink, and ochre as unifying symbols of this romantic and rebellious space. The two areas within the store are the result of a kaleidoscopic narration, an original combination that sees brass blend to velvet, pink and white terrazzo blend with Rubik and Lolita displays and aligned with Charlotte chairs. All unique elements that have always distinguished the original design of India Mahdavi.

‘My style is polyglot, polychrome, cross-cultured. Color is fundamental in my work, so is texture. I use texture like color, and I use color to bring light. Being creative starts with imagination, is fed by inspiration, and ends with a story. When I met Pierpaolo, we really had a great connection – he was part of the inspiration and together we created a dream.’
India Mahdavi

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REDValentino is a brand with a dreamy and romantic spirit, narrating a story that combines the eccentric and bold style with vibrant design. A new goal, the beginning of a new adventure in the eccentric and dynamic city of London, where experimentation is the rule and dreaming is a must.

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