House Membrane

The private house is designed for implementation in the city of Sochi, Russia. The house is surrounded by the sea, mountain area, built up with private residential real estate, forest.

When developing the concept, the following were taken into account: site analysis, archetypal models of the human psyche, the plasticity of autopoiesis and the philosophy of line poetry.

The orientation of the interior spaces of the house is dictated by visual territory characteristics. The building was designed taking into account the potential of natural beauty and the need to limit visual contact with neighboring houses.

The archetypal models of the tenant are the creator, the sage, the ruler, the hero.

The psychological context is indicated in the project by a symbol, a sign of the whole psyche – this is Assagioli’s egg. In the center of the structure (house), according to Assagioli, is located

“conscious self”, surrounded by a membrane – a shell (the shell of the house). Through the membrane is the circulation of energy from the internal space to the external environment, and vice versa. The symbolic content of the project marked the functional zones and shaping, opening the main premises to the sea, and covering the rear facade with a shell.

The project took into account the sensations arising from the surrounding area. On the one hand, continuity, fluidity, dynamics, openness, sensuality, on the other hand, concepts consonant with the philosophy of formalism and the continuity of natural processes self-reproduction, such as autopoiesis. When moving along the building, it creates the impression of seamlessness, continuous change in shape and ephemeral image.

Based on the analysis of the site and symbolism, the main thesis is formulated: Wholeness / Autopoiesis / Calligraphy; “A residential building reflecting content, aesthetics, natural structures.” The living image opens gradually, creating intrigue along the route of exploration and movement around the house, starting from the main entrance, where it moves into an atmosphere of change, reproduction of energy and fluidity.

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The building is located long side along the highway. The openness of the main facade is opposed by a monolithic wall of the building on the north side, where the living space of the house is protected by a shell from views from private residential development. Through a symbolic membrane, a cantilever beam and an overhanging pool, the core of the building opens to the sea. Combining two concepts: privacy and friendliness to the natural environment.

The main entrance is located in the northern part. A living room overlooking the sea is strung on the axis of the entrance. At the same time, getting inside the house, in contrast, there is a feeling of emancipation, liberation from convention, movement from darkness to light.

The house consists of two residential and one technical floors, which form a cascade.

The first floor hangs over the relief, the second is recessed deep into. Due to the console, the possibility of visual contact of the road with the interior space of the living room is isolated.

The organization of the landscape is subordinated to architectural solutions. From the side of the main facade, bypass paths are provided, connecting the house with plantings of yew, cypress and olive. Due to the use of local plants characteristic of the latitude, local stone, maximum integration into the Sochi environment occurs.

The project includes the motifs of natural structures, the plasticity of calligraphic lines and the seamlessness of forms, and immerses the tenant in a creative flow and contact with nature.

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