Gleis 21

Gleis 21 was planned in a participatory manner with the future residents, from urban development to the socket outlet. The property is located in the Sonnwendviertel, in the center of the new urban development area "Leben am Helmut Zilk Park" near Vienna Central Station (“Hauptbahnhof Wien”).

The co-housing project was designed as a compact, zero-energy house („Niedrigstenergiehaus“) in a wood-hybrid construction and was built in a resources saving way.

An important part of the concept of Gleis 21 is the open ground floor, which is accessible to everyone in the quarter. It is designed to be permeable and creates a connection between the promenade and the park. The free space is formulated as an extension of the urban space. The so-called “neighborhood wall” (“Nachbarschaftswand”) becomes a communication area with the neighborhood. Event dates are posted here, an open bookcase is ready, there is space for exchange and linger.

There are four commercial areas on the ground floor and basement: an event room and a media studio, which are used amongst others by the Gleis 21 cultural association, and a restaurant area that forms the urban edge to the Helmut-Zilk-Park. A sunken courtyard facing the promenade opens up to a music school in the basement.

The 34 residential units on the four upper floors are accessed through an open portico on the north-west side of the building. This is not only used to access, but is also designed as a communication and lingering area.

Due to the neutral and flexible basic structure of the building, the residential units could be planned individually with the users and each have a south-east-facing private balcony. One of the units is shared as a guest apartment. In addition, five “flex units” are made available to refugees as apartments.

There are three free-standing pavilions on the top floor, all of which are shared: The “Ruhehaus” (rest house) with a library, the “Gemeinschaftshaus” (community house) with kitchen and play room and the “Entspannungshaus” (relaxation house) with sauna, bathtub and meditation room. The open spaces on the roof invite you to garden, grill and sunbathe together.

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The selection and detailed planning of the common rooms followed the needs of the group. In addition to the private living space, the extensive shared areas offer space for common and individual use and represent the focus of the communal aspect of the project: from the communal kitchen to the library and sauna in the attic to the workshop, studio, laundry room and fitness room in the basement.

The residential project Gleis 21 and its housing group are based on three principles: “living in solidarity”, “enjoying properly” and “creating through media”. Solidarity is found in many ways, from mutual neighborhood help to a solidarity fund for situations of personal distress. It is also sought after in the form of the “flex units”, the costs of which are borne by the residents and which are given to refugees in cooperation with the “Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst”.

The cooperation with radio station “Radio Orange”, TV-station “Okto TV” and the cinema “Stadtkino Wien helps to shape the cultural, media and social life of the quarter: The media workshop is linked to the event room, which can also be rented, and can be activated as required.

The cultural association Gleis 21 organizes a regular cultural program tailored to the area with appealing theater performances, readings, workshops and concerts. The restaurant, which is oriented towards the park, is currently being used by an artist collective that runs a cafe here. The music school in the basement enhances the cultural possibilities in the quarter.

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