Family House in Revnice

The plot of land on which the new house was designed is situated in a residential area of villas on the northern bank of Revnice above the valley of the river Berounka in the Czech Republic. The mass of the house blends into the terrain so that it respects the sloping terrain of the land.

The one storey building with a flat roof and a lower level floor is embedded into a green garden. The mass of the  top level floor overhangs the lower level floor, the front part of which in the direction of the street is unloaded with consoling above the access part of the house.  An imaginary square ground plan is intersected by the curve of an ellipse which defines the southern facade and forms an embedded semi-closed patio with a thin pergola. In the east, north and west parts of the facade the house is as if it was closed upon itself. In contrast, in the southern part the house opens into the greenery of the garden and makes use of an intimate terrace.

The house is connected on one height level with the terrace and garden.The lower level floor adjoins the driveway. The lower ground floor serves as an entrance to the house with the main staircase into the living section. The garage, utility room and a laundry room are also situated there. In the northeast corner there is a guest room and a bathroom.

The layout area is divided into a living section and a sleeping section. The living section consists of the main living space, dining room and a kitchen with exits to the terrace. This living section utilises along its’ whole length the transparent curvature of the southern facade, with continuous contact with the garden and the house itself.

In the second part of the house, which is defined by the northeast corner with a beautiful view and a section with a continuing curvature oriented to the patio where bedrooms and a hallway with a dressing room are situated.

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In the house there are important vistas and individual views through spaces in sections of greenery which creates picture frame images.

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