DMM Digital Office

Tokyo—In collaboration with DMM.com, teamLab is delighted to announce a new office design and art project for the 5 floors of DMM.com workspace (23rd to 27th floor) executed by teamLab Architects.

The key space of the design is the 24th floor featuring immersive digital art, and on the 27th floor an approximately 1km long desk. The office was opened on the 6th March 2017 in Roppongi, Tokyo Japan.

24th Floor (Entrance and meeting rooms)
From Anteater to Zebra, 26 rooms are each attached to a different animal.
The interior is not constrained by physical materials, it is in constant change due to the comings and goings, and the interaction of people.

For example, the entrance waterfall is being rendered by a computer in real time, it is not a picture, a program ensures that no two moments are the same, it is in constant change. The waterfall acts as a transparent screen between the entrance and other spaces. Usually an entrance is designed so that people cannot see any other space from the entrance. However, when a person approaches the digital waterfall, an opening forms in the waterfall and people are able to see the other side of the waterfall, permitting individuals to see through the window. It is a mechanism that allows people to see the inside only when they move to see the inside. As a result of this, the entrance changes rapidly due to visitor’s movements and it is possible to link with the surrounding environment.

The digital animals move around the walls, serving as a guide and directing guests towards the meeting rooms. At first glance, all the aisles appear as walls, but when an animal guides a visitor to a room, the room name and the position where the door is pushed are displayed. In the space technology provides information only when necessary, helping to simplify human tasks.

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Technology can help to realize new and artistic experiences in an environment that feels natural. It allows expression of dense information and is able to create a changing environment linked with human behavior.

27th Floor
Approximately 1km of desk arranged in a “crawling” style.
Being closer to the people around us makes it easier to communicate. Desks that are connected in a soft fashion change your visual direction, so even if someone is sitting near you, they don’t seem to be excessively near. Rather than having desks lined up in order, it’s easier to communicate when things are softer. Since the desks are connected, if people don’t go through the tunnel part, people won’t get into the middle, or end up outside either. In any case, the point is to let lines of communication thrive.

DMM.com have around 3000 employees. DMM.com are not just planning to increase that number in the future, but they also want to diversify. Currently, approximately 6% of the staff are non-Japanese nationals, but they would like to proactively hire more foreigners in the future.

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