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Since I was a young boy, I’ve been fascinated with treehouses. I watched TV shows about treehouse construction, read every book on treehouses I could get my hands on, and searched the internet for that perfect treetop abode. Very little of what I saw fit my taste until I discovered a Taschen book about treehouses and discovered French designer Benoit Fray. His concept behind treehouses in Switzerland is, to say the least, extraordinary.

I wrote to Fray that night and asked for his expertise. He was unavailable, so thus began my search for the world’s best architects who specialize in wood. This led me to ARCHWERK, a small team of architects from Czech Republic. The trees on our property are not fully grown, but I wanted the pods to nestle over and amid vegetation to give the feeling of being on top of the trees. ARCHWERK and Formafatal dove into my vision with creative insight and masterful skill. They designed every part of CoCo.

Welcome To An Exquisite Jungle Experience

CoCo Villas boasts a unique shape borne from an original design. Its construction was an incredible experiment with wood, metal, and a special seven-layer sail that we welded on the spot. Each pod is deeply entrenched in the jungle and offers an experience reserved for the brave.

The pods are exposed to nature and the elements. Rain only falls six months of the year in late afternoon cascades, and when a storm hits, it’s a dramatic and unforgettable experience. Transparent and white shutters protect the interior from rain and wind while allowing daylight to penetrate. Wedges of light and shadow filter through the big mosquito net that offers protection from wild jungle critters.

When we first came to Costa Rica, we thought it was for the ocean and wild beaches. Now we realize that our symbiotic relationship is with the dense, green tropical forest. The jungle is our home, but it’s not ours to own. It presents conditions that challenge us to stay present and respectfully aware of the laws of nature.

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But not in spite of luxurious comfort…

Comfort and self-enhancing activities abound, from expert cuisine, massage, sauna, and yoga, as well as access to the spa pavilion and professional fitness room. A large trampoline and playroom keep children active, engaged, and social. Art workshops as well as body, mind, and soul retreats connect you to like-minded people. Here you can indulge in life’s pleasures with playfulness and curiosity, in solidarity with nature.

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