BRICK BY BRICK: a doctor’s house for Maji Moto

Collaboration with Bvelgian O.N.G. C-Re-Aid [ Change Research Architecture Innovation Design ] which develops research about technology and sustainability among Tanzania and maasai culture.

Maji Moto is a spontaneous village in the northern Tanzania, Arusha area, nearby the Kilimanjaro mountain, where 1200 adults and 800 children currently live.

After extensive land privatization, the maasai tribe had to switch from nomadism to sedentary. Around 1975 the village was founded.

The Doctor’s House, needed to keep the medical center operative, will grant access to basic healthcare treatments for the population by allowing dwelling for those who will work in the dispensary. The building itself is a prototype for both sustainable technology and space distribution.

The plan design aims to create a common ground for the community with the surrounding new buildings by C-re-aid [ Women’s Center, the other doctor’s House, the dispensary ]. The small house reacts to the main winds and climate conditions: the north facade is shaded by a porch which gives shelter from the sun and creates ventilation. The south facade is massive to prevent from sandstorms caused by the strong winds.

The 30sm surface is divided into four equal modules: three indoor spaces ( two bedrooms and one living ), one outdoor space ( cooking area ). This space helps avoiding intoxication by smoke caused by the common habit of cooking indoor. Is covered yet open to create dialogue with the other buildings and environment.

The porch is a filter between public and private space where the village people get the chance to interact with the doctor and his family.

The project is built with local materials: soil, stone and gravel. The walls are built in C.S.E.B (Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks) which are a more sustainable choice compared to common bricks. The use of wood is kept to the minimum needed. The technologies involved are low cost, quick and easy to build. We aimed to blend tradition with contemporary standards to promote some small yet effective innovations.

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