Brazilian Pavilion at Expo Milan

Studio Arthur Casas and Atelier Marko Brajovic won the competition to create the Brazilian Pavilion for Expo Milan 2015, commissioned by APEX-Brasil. We aimed to combine architecture and scenography in order to provide visitors with an experience that would transmit Brazilian values and the aspirations of its agriculture according to the theme “Feeding the world with solutions”. More than a temporary building, the sensorial immersion includes leisure, high technology information, interaction and learning.

The inspiring idea of a flexible, smooth and decentralized network is present in every aspect of the building and represents the country’s pluralism. Amidst more than 130 constructions, the Brazilian Pavilion proposes a pause, the intention of creating a public square that draws people together and engenders curiosity. As porous as the Brazilian culture, a large volume is open to visitors and establishes a pathway among several plant species cultivated in our country. The earthly colors of the iron structure highlight this “Brazilianess” and the gradual transition between inside and outside erase the boundaries between architecture and scenography. The metaphor of the network is materialized by a tensile structure that creates unexpected places for leisure and rest. Following the tradition of Brazilian modernism and its pavilions, large ramps reinforce the connection between the different spaces.

The exhibition content, developed by Atelier Marko Brajovic, is centered on four main themes: Natural Wisdom, result of a millenary coexistence between man and an exuberant biodiversity; Empire of Colors, present in the variety of tropical plants and cultures in Brazil; Human Power, outcome of the sustainable use of natural resources and small-scale agriculture; Creative Fusion, as the combination of high technology, productivity and responsible occupation of a vast territory.

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A volume is located in the rear of the plot, housing exhibition spaces, an auditorium, a pop-up store, a café, a bar, a restaurant and office facilities, interconnected by a large atrium that brings in natural light. Brazilian artists and designers were invited to exhibit works that showcase our inventiveness, side by side with interactive installations that explain the technical revolution in course in Brazilian agriculture, largely due to the research of companies such as EMBRAPA.

Sustainability is everywhere, from the construction/deconstruction system made up by prefabricated modules to water reuse mechanisms and the employment of certified and recyclable materials. A fundamental part of the experience, the rationality of this ephemeral architecture demonstrates that it is possible to create meaning and content with few resources and low environmental impact.

The proposal aims to be inserted into the tradition of universal exhibitions that focus on contemporary debates, engendered by the encounter of cultures from all horizons. Today, Brazil represents the possibility of new paradigms of development, capable of reconciling growth and conservation, diversity and originality, openness and transformation. Our architecture and scenography  tries to represent these messages and aim to be the support for the integration of the collective idea that it is possible to feed the world in a responsible and interdependent way.

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