ROAM, co-living complex in Bali

The vision of this place was to create community. A model of a micro society where people find their own space for privacy as well as places of gathering, exchange, movement and education, the structure we had found prior to it's make over already had a great deal of that desired spatial configuration we find today.

The inner court yard, surrounded by 3 run down apartment buildings, formed the starting point for surgical and effective alteration of floor plans by adding more components, knocking down walls, opening solid concrete walls, adding bathrooms and placing large windows that would allow for enough light, fresh air and exciting views towards its surroundings.

Roam is an urban place, and its density one of the key drivers to bring people together closely. We gave these places of gathering a new roof on top of the buildings, connected them with a bridge, extensive deck space, cafe, bar, restaurant, lounge and other recreational areas. Also the central pool, the recently completed community kitchen and downstairs garden bar offer active areas for guests and visitors.

Balinese life around built structure is that of community through density. Taking the model of a traditional Balinese compound to another level, the feeling of family as an organism of exchange and life was always a key driver in the design for Roam. ‘All under one roof’ was another key design driver. The efficient canopy structure spans across all shared spaces. Different opacities through a range of materials such as bamboo, tin and poly carbonate turn the place into a light, yet protected outpost high up, overlooking its surrounding.

High grown bamboo, palms and other plants make the place into a orchestrated yet friendly and homely place. Plant life is a key image in the perception of why we love bali so much. that is why it became the most important material to implement into the design. Other materials were chosen through best fitness for use. This touches the topic of sustainability. The less material you use, the better.The less you build, the better. This is why we chose to work with an existing building, renovate it with the least amount of material, and add components with an efficient and slender hollow steel structure.

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The V shaped columns, the low pitched ceilings, and the clustered segments of the canopy have an Asian, reductive appeal to reply to its surrounding in a contemporary way, rather that mimicking a traditional building style or materials.

The Roam community finds a place of its collective and togetherness that will grow throughout time. This means also that the place can grow, overgrow, adapt, age and change in the months and years to come. The architecture gives opportunity to add exciting new components such as meeting rooms, offices and lecture rooms, canopies, bridges and more garden space. Options to continue the design are limitless, and one feels that what we have today is a solid foundation for more exciting things to come.

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