Naman Retreat Pure Spa

The Pure Spa is an oasis of tranquility and facilitates the five-star Naman Retreat, Danang. Fifteen stunning treatment rooms are endowed with lush open air gardens, deep soak bathtub and cushioned daybed built for two.

Keep fit at the equally sleek health club with gym, meditation and yoga sessions held at the open lounge garden in the still cool mornings. The ground floor contains open spaces with relaxing platforms surrounded by serene lotus ponds and hanging gardens. A true space where all senses are touched and the mind comes to peace…

The architectural design company MIA Design Studio’s ingenious use of natural ventilation keeps the building cool and gives the guest a refreshing experience. With use of local plants, each retreat becomes a healing environment where the guest can enjoy a luxurious wellness in privacy.

We could not deny the essential role of the plants in ventilating and making people closer to nature. Naman Spa was constructed near the sunny coast of the Middle of Vietnam with the intense weather. By that reason, the plants used in landscape of the building must be hurricane resistant species such as palm, heliotropium foertherianum, dracaena daco, etc. Besides that, the other species of creepers have been planted as the green curtains to cool down the heat from the sun such as pluchea indica, epipremnum aureum, semen quisqualis, etc. These plants not only provide shade, color and scent but also shade but also make up the uniqueness and private of architecture, personal touch to the works. The smooth creepers, together with the pergolas, create an amazing play of light and shadow of the sunlight at the dawn or in the twilight.

Different area’s flow smoothly into each other and the beautiful landscape creates an amazing journey into a dream like experience. The facade is composed by lattice patterns alternated with vertical landscapes that filter the strong tropical sunlight into a pleasant play of light and shadow on the textured walls. Various plants are carefully allocated and become a part of the architectural screens.

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