Edificio Comercial João Moura, in Brasil

The project presents some important issues in the urban aspects and the quality of space and optimization of the site.

The design takes advantage of the topography, leverages the strategic location of the site to the city, and puts Architecture in the lead role to enhance the built environment.

The site is located on João Moura Street in the valley through which the Sumaré Av. The João Moura Street is an important connection between the neighborhoods of Vila Madalena and Pinheiros. For anyone who spends at Sumaré Av. the building has a striking presence. For this reason we try to give special attention to the north side facade and understand it as a great panel, composed of openings and colorful screens. For those who pass by João Moura Street, subfloor access is indented 10m from the front alignment, twice as required by law, ensuring a breather for street and highlighting the reception that advances toward the street. No walls or bars.
The design also takes advantage of the topography of the site and building accommodates gently on site, dismissing excavations or earth movement, including the basement.

The project determines the existence of two important collective spaces, the entry described above and the floor of the Plaza in common use in the bottom of the lowest level (+12 m). The Square is the continuity of the garden background and promotes the binding of the lot at one level. The bottom of the site is connected to the staircase leading to Rua Cristiano Viana, which should be of local use does not allow the output of the public commercial building.
Another important feature of the design is the relationship between the built area and the distribution of spaces and balconies. The Project does not use the full potential constructive permitted by law and leaves the office of Architecture appreciation of the built environment: the ceiling height are wide with 2.7 meters, the beams are prestressed and flat; pillars are recessed from facade; Locks are independent and are prumadas peripheral and “sprayed”. These characteristics guarantee great flexibility of use, fluidity and spatial continuity. The building also features large balconies that qualify and give new look to the traditional workspace.

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