His Master’s Voice, record shop in Hong Kong

Adopted a lifestyle character, HMVideal is motivated to inspire people’s lives with integrative music solutions.

Unlike a large proportion of chained record shop, this flagship store intends to move people beyond their simple retail shopping experience to a lifestyle space that fuels sophisticated online-to-offline experience.

The design is intended to create a lifestyle space that connects a community of entertainment lovers and transcend the music boundaries in multiple zones. Using people’s passion for music as a gateway, the design concept orchestrates an exciting interplay between old and new, digital and non digital to bring in a brand new, lifestyle oriented entertainment hub to the greater Hong Kong community.

When online meets offline in the contemporary era
To harness digital retail technologies, a modernized version of original music booth provides users with personalized spaces to enhance their music experience by incorporating metropolitan’s lifestyle components such as digital displays and tablets to fit their contemporary needs. The clustered CD & DVD shelves and packed product displays are replaced by sleek screens and display walls, adding a sense of richness and modernism to the music and movie terrace.

To stimulate each visitor’s visual sensation, a movie box creates an entertainment space resembling a mini theatre with a digital display wall, uplifting their movie selection experience to harness them with an innovatively-designed public space.

A musical rite of life passage
Enacting on its music mission to transform the space into an inspiring and enjoyable lifestyle platform, the interior features a dedicated performance zone, an in-store music café, a movie box, a pop-up fashion boutique and music technological store, as well as a library of books and magazines. The performance zone fosters a community of entertainment lovers to enjoy a moment of live shows, spiritually immersing in the music world.

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Descent Blanc

Music café is conceived as a lifestyle space to chill and mingle with friends after a day of hustle. The environment is semi-enveloped by artworks produced by local graphic designer, capturing iconic figures of movie stars in a wall canvass. The pop-up technological store composes of a rich selection of cutting-edge music gadgets as well as fashion, journals, stationeries, and magazines to complement people’s contemporary lifestyle and needs.

In the reminiscent of the golden age of entertainment
To revive the golden age of entertainment and inspired by the 1970’s UK vinyl style, the vintage store is equipped with retro furniture and vintage lifestyle items to offer a sophisticated yet fanciful retreat that swings nostalgic memories.

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