The hermit houses

Keywords: mass-customization...DIY...generative design....co-creation....open source...open design...bottom-up....autarky....peer to peer...sustainability....crowd funding...just-in time recreation...little houses....

– The Hermit Houses offer custom design retreats into nature
– It’s about realizing the dream of a life unplugged
– The Hermit Houses serve as garden studios, guest houses, offices, temporary festival pavilions recreational hideouts or small but complete houses
– An online application makes it possible to design and adapt a Hermit House yourself online. By parameterizing the Hermit Houses building system, it enables people to produce their own context specific and personalized designs.

How does it work?
– Create a Hermit House of your own by changing: entrance width, back width, depth, segment size, roof angle, entrance height and back height, and directly see the result 3D model in your browser.
– If you are satisfied, just press ‘generate manual’, fill in your email address, and the construction plans of your are send to you
– Realize your own Hermit House using your personal DIY manual
– Or order your building-kit, and the prefabricated panels of your own unique Hermit House will be delivered to you. Mass customization style.

Try the tool at: www.hermithouses.nl//diy

What’s news about it? 
– It is the first free and online architectural mass-customization tool
– It invites everybody to explore the possibilities of parametric design and building systems
– The Hermit Houses building system is optimized for the latest production techniques
– (CNC mills) but is also backwards compatible with the good old-fashioned household tools
– It broadens the influence of design. Hopes to let loose a swarm of Hermit Houses variations to settle around the globe.

What is behind it?
The Hermit Houses building system uses a folding structure which gives the houses their strength with very little material. This means that a Hermit Houses construction can be realized relying mainly on light (and cheap) sheeting material, which can be cut using your average toolset or CNC mills.

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Since the panels all remain relatively small, the houses can also be easily transported and built up by hand – without the use of heavy machinery. Once the panels are cut, a team of two persons can complete the structure of a small house in about a day. And because foundations also can be kept very light, the houses will hardly leave any traces in case of relocation.

The Hermit Houses are the result of a collaboration between two Dutch Architects: Mark van der Net and Daniël Venneman. Next to being an architect Mark is also web developer, programmer. Daniël is specialized in sustainable DIY building solutions.

We have built numerous Hermit Houses before releasing it as on open source design and building system.

More Info?
For more info, please check out general Hermit Houses website: www.hermithouses.nl

‘Life Unplugged’: Just imagine your own unique off-grid hide-out, rendering you totally independent.

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