Escuela primaria de Arbon, en Suiza

La escuela de "Seegarten" intenta integrar el nombre "jardín en el lago" que el lugar donde se implanta tuvo por siglos. Por lo tanto, conforma un espacio exterior de alta calidad tan grande como fue posible. Esto resulta de gran importancia por la misión educativa de la escuela y para mejorar la creatividad de los niños.


The school at “Seegarten” is aimed to fulfill what the place’s name “garden at the lake” that existed for century’s promises. Therefore it creates a high-quality exterior space as large as possible. This is important according to the educational mission of the school, and improves the children´s creativity.

The plot is located in the meeting point of various building densities and typologies. To the north, the landscape of the original “Seegarten” is still obtained with a very low density. The project marks because of its dimensions the transition between residential and commercial zone but also continues the interweaving of the outdoor spaces of the residential buildings in the east in terms of scale. By this gardens that preserve and enhance the quality of the “Seegarten” are unfolded.

The building consists of two vertically tiered volumes. The gym in the southwest marks the street and incorporates itself into the chain of the buildings at the Romanshornstrasse. The Z-shaped two-story bar, where the school is located, falls to the north with the natural terrain, forming an accessible roof terrace on the north wing. In the overlap between gym and school buildings, a broad passage is created which immediately opens up to the actual school grounds and forms the outer circulation axis from Romanshornstrasse to Seestrasse. All access is located on this axis. As a bridge the multi-purpose hall connects the two wings on the upper floor and forms a roof for the main entrance and the roofed schoolyard, which is located in the center of the complex. Along the outer axis volume and free space are interweaved. It was taken care of preserving as many valuable trees in the arrangement of the exterior spaces, as they shape the character of the gardens and also serve as visual aids for teaching.

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