Edison Language Academy

This pre-K through 5th grade dual language immersion public school in Santa Monica has grown since its founding in 1985. The unique dual immersion program allows children to learn, speak, read and write in both English and Spanish.

As enrollment increased portable classrooms were added to the site. In 2008 the district decided to completely reconfigure the school through a phased construction schedule. The new two story K-5 building along Virginia Avenue will be built first enabling most of the existing buildings to remain in operation throughout the school year. In phase 2 all modular and existing classrooms will be demolished and replaced with permanent classrooms.

The existing school sits on a 5.5 acre site south of the 10 freeway and bordered by Virginia Avenue and Kansas Avenue in Santa Monica. 27 new classrooms house kindergarten through fifth grade for a total of 470 students. Facilities include 35,000 sf of classrooms and 22,000 sf of administration, library, and cafetorium. The school is organized around a series of small and large courtyards that can be used as teaching spaces, for community gatherings, school performances, and snack time. The academic courtyard is the largest of these open spaces and is flanked by two levels of classrooms connected by a series of bridges and landscaped platforms. The main entry is located between the administration building and the library. A running track and field is sited on the southeast portion of the site, furthest from the freeway to provide the healthiest environment for outdoor aerobic activities. Each age group (Pre-K, K, and elementary) have their own separate play area.

The new school acts as a global citizen to enhance and restore the ecology and the natural environment of the region. Through the sensitive design, we have reclaimed over acreage formerly completely covered with pavement and buildings. The design regenerates a cooler urban condition by forming classroom buildings that are of a higher density and a site planted with more fields, gardens, courtyards, and green roofs. Large glazing systems on a minimum of two surfaces permit natural daylight to offset artificial lighting and reduce internal electrical loads. Air from the courtyard will be pulled through the classrooms via operable windows and discharged to the outside as it heats up and moves through solar chimneys that link both levels of the two story classroom building. During the day classrooms are naturally ventilated for cross breeze through spaces to reduce the operating hours of mechanical systems. At night the classrooms are cooled by flushing warm interior air through the flues with cool exterior air. These chimneys are located on the south east side of the building with openings to the northwest and take advantage of the prevailing winds. Openings into the flue and into the classrooms are controlled via actuators to control the air flow and movement through the classroom. In the winter the air will be pre-warmed prior to ventilating the classrooms.

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