RB12, commercial building in Rio Branco, Brazil

Triptyque brings innovation into Brazilian real estate market by creating the first sustainable luxury building based on the positive energy concept.

Triptyque, Franco-Brazilian architecture agency dedicated to sustainable design, is conceiving the first commercial building based on new generation’s energies in Brazil: the RB12 building. Located in Rio Branco Avenue, within the business and economic center of Rio de Janeiro, it will undergo a green-refurbishment process. RB12 will present a bioclimatic façade, which consists in a set of windows that plays with light like a diamond, suspended landscaping, and a system that generates energy throughout solar panels and fuel cells for the first time in the city.

RB12 embodies an innovative new concept of sustainable development based on energy production, thus, following the global trend of green-refurbishment, which consists in adapting and upgrading old buildings in order to aligned them with sustainable development criteria. Among the environmental requirements that RB12 comprises: thermal comfort, managing water consumption, optimizing natural light system, clean energy production through solar panels and fuel cells.

It will be the first commercial building in Brazil that uses photovoltaic panels for its own electricity production and hydrogen cells that transform the gas street into electricity.

All these high-end technologies will enable to increase savings for futures owners. Companies that will occupy the building from 2014 will take advantage of the positive luxury sustainable image of RB12 that also corroborates environmental responsibility policy.

Natekko*, the French market leader in sustainable construction is the creator of this new concept of office building. MMC Investimentos** is responsible of the project management.

* Natekko is the leader of ecological constructions in France. Since its creation in 2007, the developer is constantly seeking innovative technologies ‘solutions in order to improve either well-being and energy efficiency. Originally specialist in wood constructions, Natekko keeps developing new activities in green-refurbishment projects and is now focusing its attention on sustainable luxury one’s as well. RB12 the epitome of its values and philosophy is the first project realized in Brazil and has already generated great press and public reviews.

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The company has been already rewarded for its visionary projects in 2012 when it won the CIMI price for the creation of the INPI headquarters with Triptyque in 2012. More information > www.natekko.com 

** MMC Investimentos is an innovative investment advisory firm specialized in the Brazilian real estate market. Its strategy is focused two niches: affordable housing and green-refurbishment, mostly located in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Its advisory services include creation, structuring and managing real estate development projects with high liquidity. More information > www.mmcinvestimentos.com.br


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