Cine 32, en París

La idea surgió de imágenes de frentes de cines antiguos y de secadores de tabaco del sur-oeste de Francia, con sus fachadas de madera natural calada. También asumimos la doble imagen que debía tener tanto el conjunto para usos tanto diurnos como nocturnos. El cine tiene la oportunidad única de reunir a diferentes personas para un realizar un viaje común, pero inusual. Lo que deseamos ofrecer son condiciones extraordinarias para realizar ese viaje.

To built a five rooms cinema for CINE 32 association has to answer some challenges. What else than a shoe box as you find in suburban territory ? What kind of identity would suit to a meeting point, place of discoveries, debates and diversity ? What presence for a brand new building right downtown, in place of an old military camp ? How could we propose a place and an identity that fit to CINE 32 and his actions towards an always broader and mixed public ? We came up with images of old cinemas’ pediment and tobacco dryer from the south-west of france, with their openwork natural wood façade. We also care for an assumed double life image, an adequate day and night use. Cinema has this unique opportunity to gather different people for a common but yet unusual journey. We wish to offer remarkable conditions for such a trip.

A strong relationship
To carry this adventure out we’ve looked preciously to the relationship between architect and client. Every step of conception has produced multiple studies. For instance, projection rooms were subject to a narrative outline and climatic environments ; bases leading us to built atmospheres. Thus, we go through starry night (first room) to sunrise (second room). Interior and façade lights were developped specificly to this project with an effort of economy, consistency and precision. As were the custom-made administration’s furnitures. Artist Bonnefrite has lead building’s signage with a delicate touch. The main sign, on avenue de l’Yser side, is a powerful and joyful gesture toward the city. Hand-painted numbers on pedi¬ments reveal the diversity of both spaces and styles in cinema.Strong involvement from local construction firms allowed us to respect lead time and expecte¬ted budget equally with a common requirement for the result. The adventure proved to be forceful and appealing.

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