Biblioteca Brasiliana en São Paulo, Brasil

Eduardo de Almeida y Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb diseñaron la biblioteca Brasiliana Library. El edificio, con más de 20.000 m², contará con uma excepcional colección de libros con 17 mil títulos sobre Brasil, donados por el coleccionista José Ehim Mindlin a la Universidad de São Paulo.

Eduardo de Almeida e Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb sign the design of Brasiliana Library. The building, with more than 20.000 m², will house a rare books collection of 17 thousand titles about Brasil donated by the books collector José Ehim Mindlin, to the University of São Paulo.

At the end of 1999, José Mindlin transferred to his grandson, Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb, and to his friend Eduardo de Almeida, a mission: develop and move forward the idea and design of the library to house the rare collection of books – the biggest and most important private rare books collection of Brazilian Studies with around 17 thousand titles and 60 thousand volumes – which he has donated to the University of São Paulo (USP). When Mindlin died, in February 2010, with 95 years old, the construction works advanced over the funding and political difficulties, and the conclusion was only a matter of time.

The 21.950 m2 building was inspired in very well-known libraries around the world, such as the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, in Yale University, USA, and Saint Geneviève Library, in Paris, France. The Library of Congress, Washington, was consultant to define conservation parameters, as well as technical papers prepared by The Getty Foundation.

The complex will house the important collection of the Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros (IEB) (Institute of Brazilian Studies), a bookshop, cafeteria, exhibition hall and an auditorium with 300 people capacity.

The design took into consideration environmental and sustainable directions. All spaces are connected by a large independent roof structure with a laminated glass central canopy, allowing natural light, saving energy, with an additional system of UV filters and a perforated plate ceiling, protecting from direct solar radiation. The Instituto de Elétrica e Eletrônica (IEE Institute of Electronics and Electric) of the University of São Paulo developed a plant of fotovoltaic energy generation over the roof structure. With 150kw capacity, may provide all energy supply during daytime.

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Integrated landscape will generate a small scale forest around the building. A few trees were transplanted to allow construction, and thousands of trees were planted in the neighborhood as an environmental compensation.

The Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin Library consumed around US$ 63 million. Apart from resources of USP, the construction was supported and sponsored by the Ministery of Culture, Lampadia Foundation, Ministério da Cultura, BNDES and through Rouanet Cultural support law, Petrobras, CBMM, CSN, Fundação Telefônica, Suzano Papel e Celulose, Votorantim, Grupo Santander, Raízen, Cosan, Natura e CPFL.

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