Bonaveri Showroom

The architect based in Milano Giuseppe Tortato and his studio realized the new Bonaveri Showroom in Milan, a leading designer and manufacturer mannequins for fashion.

The new space is located within the area dedicated to fashion and creativity Morimondo23, also designed by Giuseppe Tortato Architects in the naviglio area, southwest of Milan. The architect Giuseppe Tortato meets the Bonaveri family thanks to his renovation project Morimondo23, located next to the former Richard Ginori industry, a historical industrial and manufacturing area of the city. The history and the new image of this area of Milan has represented for Bonaveri a company that over time has managed to create a brand and style in fashion, a good starting point for the design of the showroom. The architect Tortato says: “Get to know Andrea Bonaveri, the story of his family and his company was a revelation and simultaneously a twist of fate, a unique opportunity to tell how much craftsmanship, art, passion and technology are enclosed in its elegant mannequins. To do it in Milan we wanted the right container, Andrea and I met so: in via Morimondo23“.

The concept
The project required a special approach, Bonaveri did no task for a simple “showroom”, but he wanted a special place to learn the company’s history and its inspiring philosophy. In BonaveriMilano owners and in the architect’s mind, the space had to be a dynamic container, suitable to host exhibitions and cultural events that can engage the world of fashion, design and art. Within the 600 square meters have been designed: an exhibition space, a lounge area, a library with publications dedicated to fashion, a large terrace on the top floor to accommodate spring and summer happenings, in addition to offices.

The project
According to the owner, the space had to be perceived almost as a art work, capable of impress for its particularity and the quality of the fitting and transmitting contemporaneity, theatricality and originality. A space capable, at the same time, of “disappearing” in order to highlight the product. Outside the architectural volume is has a strong industrial nature that characterizes the entire complex. An high and mysterious wall, a sort of barcode made of concrete, is pierced with bright glass cubes that faces the street. A small metal door opens onto a large volume, a casket made of natural light materials and simple yet valuable, the same used on the mannequins. The space has a horseshoe shape and overlooks a patio framed by floor to ceiling windows that fill the space with natural light.

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The showroom is designed to accommodate a plurality of functions: the entrance opens onto the wide area devoted to the permanent exhibition of mannequins, then continue in a work environment characterized by the story in pictures of how the creative and sculpural craft process unfolds in Bonaveri, moving at the to the lounge area.

The latter, dedicated to multimedia, is characterized by the large library with books on fashion, art and design. Upstairs there are offices, a guesthouse and access to the large terrace that animates spring happenings.

The Iconic metal ladder with white parapet, only element to be so throughout the showroom, is the predominant element of the space that takes the visitors into the BonaveriMilano experience. The parapet, thought of as a metal band with angular shapes, designs space in its three-dimensionality, modifying itself along the way up to the roof of the building. The dark polished stucco of the walls is made vibrant from the theater lights on then black ceilings blacks and LED strips, wood floors worked, the same furniture that hide surprises and hidden spaces, contribute to an atmosphere full of suggestions.

The fitting was developed in collaboration with Emma Davidge creative director of Visual Chameleon. Emma created additional emphasis to the spaces and oversaw the installation inaugural characterized by an artistic installation that pays homage to “Moments tubular” of Lorenzo Piemonti artist.

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