Broad Stone Clubhouse

The West Lake, serving as a natural transition between traditional Hangzhou and contemporary urban areas, nurtures a profound quest for spiritual exploration. Nestled amidst the winding paths of West Lake, the Broad Stone Clubhouse stands as a testament to the patient unraveling of geographical diversity and the complexities of life. Through a collaborative effort between Lenhir Design and the property owner, a synergy of humanity, nature, and architecture has been achieved, pondering whether urbanites can redefine the boundaries between solitude and shared experiences within the increasingly blurred realms of work and residence, cultivating a new spiritual haven.

01 Collection and release

The Broad Stone Clubhouse, meticulously crafted by Lenhir Design, emerged through a patient exploration, deeply rooted in mutual understanding and collaborative creation with the client. Transitioning seamlessly from the successful establishment of the owner's previous workspace, the design seamlessly transformed into this small-scale social setting, employing restrained emotional expressions and efficient value optimization in its presentation. The design reimagined the relationship between humans, nature, and space, liberating them from the shackles of form and function.

In response to site constraints, the designers circumvented the somewhat noisy external environment by making structural adjustments, deliberately lowering the ceiling and extending certain structural elements to narrow the field of view. The intention was to create an environment that inwardly contains and outwardly releases, employing an "introspective" approach to concentrate the flow within the space, offering greater potential for emotional movement. This approach not only respects the spirit of the place but also maximizes visitors' inward spatial experiences to foster harmony and guidance in the environment and community relationships.


02 Spiritual interaction


Lenhir Design aspires to add a second layer of narrative to the emotional space: constructing a new type of social setting with fluidity and growth, where entering the space immediately transforms from public to intimate. The design seeks to explore, record, and present these changes, extending more potential through spatial relationships, creating a healing life vessel. From overall tone to material selection, the design employs clean geometric lines to delineate a highly pure field, with materials chosen to seamlessly integrate with nature. Through the use of natural materials such as wood and terrazzo flooring, along with artistic coatings, a stable internal order is formed, expressing a consensus tailored to the space amidst changes in materials, forms, and scales.

Respecting individual perceptions, the design cultivates a "naturally rustic" atmosphere, akin to a private courtyard with bamboo fences outdoors, where the sounds of wind, tree shadows, sunlight, and tea fragrances mingle, condensed into laughter between old friends. Only through the activities of "people" does the emotional transmission and flow reach completion, truly embodying the evolving emotional space.


03 Exploration and formulation


The Broad Stone Clubhouse is not only a meticulously crafted spatial gift from Lenhir Design to the owner but also a continuation of their continuous reflection on "what constitutes good design" and "how to improve design." True design is only achieved when it garners genuine positive feedback from users. By returning to the real needs of users, respecting individual habits and preferences, and breaking free from the frameworks of form and function, the design delves deep in a non-standard, research-oriented manner, emphasizing collaboration with the owner.

Based on a respect for the owner's individual needs, the design leaves space blank, allowing it to serve as a guide for the owner to discover more latent potentials in future use. Apart from a few key artistic embellishments, the design grants the space ample possibilities to showcase the owner's distinctive collections, objects, and traces. Balancing high-quality integrated spatial presentation with aesthetic expression ensures both efficient completion and integrity, achieving the optimal balance between cost and performance.

The stories within the space unfold daily, and Lenhir Design aims to be translators of these stories rather than intruders. "We hope the design can step back as much as possible, relinquishing space experience and growth to the users through changes in perspective and scale." Starting from users' spatial experiences and emotional creations, the design uncovers latent needs and clues, exploring more possibilities for future spatial growth. The so-called "emotional space" needs to be truly perceived and awaits the scrutiny of time.

Información de la obra

  • Estado: Obra realizada
  • Autores: Lead Designer: Rao Xinhua


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