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GRAHAM BABA ARCHITECTS is a vibrant Seattle architecture firm recognized for the successful place-making of commercial, residential and arts spaces. Whether through the renovation of existing buildings or in new construction, the firm believes authenticity can – and should – be found in every building by use of honest materials such as metals, wood and glass celebrated in their natural state.

Through subtle and economical design moves, Graham Baba creates places that tell a story, places that people are drawn to and spaces that encourage social interaction and community.  The Graham Baba team is driven by thoughtful creativity and collaboration and works to celebrate the embedded qualities of spaces as well as the potential of a site and program and client vision.  Graham Baba’s twenty-four employees are all deeply involved in their project development processes; they are essential in producing the project designs and design deliverables required by each unique client and project.


JIM GRAHAM has been working in architecture for over 20 years and brings a keen sensitivity and relentless creativity to his projects.  He excels at leading large collaborative teams through complex projects and his boundless and contagious enthusiasm for each project results in a fun and exciting design process for the entire team.  Jim seeks out of the box solutions and has an exceptional ability to create social opportunities for a variety of users within an environment.  He is committed to the craft of building and is active in the design, construction, and craftsman communities.   This depth of understanding from the overall project to the ultimate detail brings a rich insight to creating an inviting and welcoming place for all.

BRETT BABA is an award-winning architect with over 30 years of experience.  He is known affectionately within our offices as the “Zen Master” of design and detailing, and is the go-to person for staff (young and old) when they have questions about how things are done.  His enthusiasm for the complete project, from the biggest gestural idea to the finest construction detail, allows him to maintain a consistent design intent throughout his work.


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