Distinguished Scholar Award for New Doctoral Students

The UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs (CUPPA)
Distinguished Scholar Award for New Doctoral Students

The Award
The CUPPA Distinguished Scholar Award Program for New Doctoral Students offers highly qualified applicants a guarantee of up to four years of tuition-free education and salaries of up to $17,000 per academic year for work as research assistants in one of the college?s seven research centers and institutes.

Selected students prepare for research careers in Urban Planning or Public Administration by studying with faculty in the academic departments and one of seven nationally recognized research centers within the UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs.

Scholars are expected to complete all required course work and pass their preliminary examinations during their first two years of study. Scholars spend the next two years pursuing advanced research and dissertation study at their affiliate centers.

General information on the UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs can be found at:


The Ph.D. Programs
Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in economic development, community development, physical planning, transportation or international planning should apply for admission to the PhD Program in Urban Planning and Policy.

Information on the new Ph.D. Program in Urban Planning and Policy, its faculty and application procedures can be found at:
Contact: Charles Hoch (Director) chashoch@uic.edu; 312.996.2156

Those interested in the management of public or non-profit organizations should apply for admission to the Ph.D. Program in Public Administration:
Contact: Vaughn Blankenship (Director); lvaughn@uic.edu; 312.413.3777

CUPPA Research Centers
Seven research centers in the College offer a wide selection of choices for learning and conducting advanced research on public problems and policies tied to cities, their regions and governments, and their administration.

The Great Cities Institute http://www.uic.edu/cuppa/gci/
Stimulates, funds and organizes research on diverse urban problems at home and abroad. Contact: Lauri Alpern (Associate Director) lauri@uic.edu; 312.413.3377

The UIC Center for Urban Economic Development http://data.cued.uic.edu/cued/
Conducts applied economic research for communities, governments, unions, and civic organizations.
Contact: Nik Theodore (Research Director) theodore@uic.edu; 312.355.1340

The Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy http://www.uic.edu/cuppa/irrpp/
Promotes research on race, ethnicity and public policy issues in diverse urban contexts.
Contact: Phillip Bowman (Director) pjbowman@uic.edu; 312.996.9145

The Survey Research Laboratory http://www.srl.uic.edu/
Designs and tests new social survey methods for a wide assortment of clients.
Contact: Tim Johnson (Director) timj@uic.edu, 312 996 5310

The Urban Transportation Center http://www.utc.uic.edu
Performs research on planning for transportation, transit and intelligent transportation systems.
Contact: Sue McNeil (Director) mcneil@uic.edu, 312 996 9818

The Great Cities Urban Data Visualization Lab http://www.uic.edu/cuppa/udv/
Creates and tests new ways to see cities and their problems with cutting edge electronic media.
Contact: Michael Shiffer (Director) mshiffer@uic.edu, 312 355 0309

The Nathalie P Voorhees Center for Community and Neighborhood Improvement
Specializing in affordable housing and community development research in Chicago.
Contact: Pat Wright (Associate Director) pwright@uic.edu; 312.996.5083

Application Procedure
Students applying for Fall, 2002 admission to the Ph.D. Program in Public Administration or the Ph.D. Program in Urban Planning and Policy may apply for the CUPPA Distinguished Scholar Program.

For fullest consideration, Distinguished Scholar Program applications should be submitted on or before January 15, 2002. The complete application process for admission to the appropriate doctoral program should be completed by February 1, 2002.

Awardees will be invited to visit the campus and meet CUPPA faculty, staff, and students. Travel stipends will be paid for by UIC. Award recipients will be selected by February 15th, 2002. Those selected must notify the Director of their respective Ph.D. program whether or not they accept the award within three weeks of receiving notice.

Distinguished Graduate Scholar Award Application
Instructions: Answer all the questions. Incomplete applications may not be reviewed.


Answer the following questions. Use additional sheets of paper to write or print your answers.

1. What do you expect to study as a student in a CUPPA Ph.D. program? (500 word limit)

2. Which research center in CUPPA do you think would best meet your educational and research objectives? (It is best to select one. If interested in more than one, rank by order of preference as 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc? Briefly describe the reasons for your choice. 250 word limit)

Submit this application to the address of the appropriate department:
Urban Planning and Policy Program (MC 348)
Public Administration Program (MC 278)

College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
University of Illinois at Chicago
412 South Peoria Street, 215 CUPPA Hall
Chicago, Illinois 60607-7065

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