Tipología:Recreational buildings


Black Box Gym

Viewed from the street, the Black Box Gym appeared to be white! The project is formed by a group of open white boxes, harmoniously situated in an unused land of an aging urban community.

The Burrow

Being the first commercial boxing gym in the region, The Burrow introduces a modern combination of boxing exercises to Kuwait. The gym is composed of a welcoming lobby, semi-private workout halls, a boxing arena and an elevated cross fit area.

Floating House

A romantic gateway for two or a mobile house in the middle of a lake for the entire family or a group of friends, with a fixed width of 6 meters and lengths ranging from 10 to 18 meters, the possibilities are almost endless.

Alpine Shelter on Skuta Mountain

The project developed from an architectural design studio at the Harvard Graduate School of Design led by Rok Oman and Spela Videcnik from OFIS. In fall 2014, studios of thirteen students were facing the challenges of designing an innovative yet practical shelter to meet the needs of the extreme alpine climate.

Grotto sauna, in Georgian Bay

The blue waters of Lake Huron—located north of Toronto— complement its majestic surroundings and offer a dream-like location for a retreat. A sensual environment, its serene landscape reminds the temporary dwellers of the harmony that exist beyond human possibilities.

Sustainability Treehouse

The Sustainability Treehouse sits at the edge of the Appalachian forest within the 10,600 acres of the Summit Bechtel Reserve. The Summit is the new home for the Boy Scout Jamboree, a High Adventure Base, and a year-round destination for leadership training.

Alpine Cabin, in Vancouver

Susan and David Scott are Vancouver based architects who have worked for established firms for the last twelve years and have recently launched their our own practice with the completion of an off-grid snowboard cabin located at a remote powder haven on the northern end of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

River Aquarium in Mora, Portugal

The River Aquarium is located in Mora, a small municipality in the Northern Alentejo region. Given the need to shift regional development from the dependence of an increasingly weaker agriculture economy, into the environmental tourism and leisure market, the municipality launched a design-and- build competition for an aquarium that could somehow embody the paradigms of biodiversity of the Iberian river.

Pista de patinaje sobre hielo en Liège, Bélgica

La nueva pista de hielo de Lieja está incrustado en una grieta del Médiacité#H, un proyecto de desarrollo inmobiliario privado, que reconstruye una antigua zona industrial en la margen derecha del río Mosa. La base del proyecto: una forma redonda y fluida, como la metáfora de un universo de hielo. Su construcción avanza como un monstruo marino, una ballena cubierta de escamas de aluminio.

Estadio Wanangkura en Port Hedland, Australia

El Estadio Wanangkura es el nuevo centro recreativo de usos múltiples de Port Hedland, en Australia. El nombre del centro fue elegido entre cientos de presentaciones locales y significa "relámpago" en el idioma local Kariyarra. El nombre rinde homenaje al diseño del centro, que el arquitecto Sophie Cleland asemeja a un patrón ciclónico, la creación de un "espejismo, un efecto de ondulación brillante en el paisaje plano”.

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