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Vestre Fjord Park

Vestre Fjord Park is a recreational learning and experience landscape - a hybrid between building and natural landscape - that with a simple high-quality architectural structure contributes to the full experience of the unique site by the Limfjord in Aalborg, Denmark.

Panda House in Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, Schønherr Landscape Architects and MOE have collaborated on a new yin and yang-shaped Panda House that resembles the Panda’s natural habitat and creates a peaceful environment for one of the world’s rarest mammals.

Al Shaheed Park

This reconversion of a formal garden by Kuwait Amiri Diwan built in the early 1960's, to celebrate the city's modernization, and named as "Shaheed Garden" after Saddam's Invasion in memory of the war martyrs, will definitely top the categories of urban park and city reconversion this year in all MENA region.

Zorlu Center

The starting point for Carve’s design was that we wanted children to be able to completely dive into their own world of imagination: stimulated by otherwordly shapes, colours and an unprecedented play experience.


To play is to learn from mimicking eachother. In few cases, this also applies to designing play. While most playgrounds are a contrast to their surroundings - in colour, shape and activity – the new Interlace playground is the mini-version of the surrounding residences.

Kavel K

'Kavel K' is situated on a triangular plot, boxed in by a railwaytrack and a connecting road. It is a skating, sports- and youth facility which attracts a wide range of user groups. The public space and the building are designed as a unity; the facade and the skate-cradle even 'melt together'.

Bijlmerpark, in Amsterdam

A move from quantity to quality has become the policy for the redevelopment. Bijlmerpark was both to remain the main park in the built-up area and was identified as a new residential environment with a program of approximately 900 dwellings.


As the base for Norway’s burgeoning oil industry, Stavanger quickly became a knowledge hub attracting specialists from around the world. Helen & Hard has sought to synergize the expertise and material resources of the offshore industry with sustainable urban development in many projects, most notably in Geopark.

Visitor centre for Sparrenburg fortress

Only a few distinctive elements of the Sparrenburg fortress are left. A 37-metre tower, the main building, an outbuilding and the remains of a gatehouse define the current bailey, which was once the fortress’s outer bailey. The bailey is a very popular spot thanks to the views it offers of the city below.

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