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Mezzo Atelier has returned to The Netherlands, the country where both partners have started their careers at young age, to create Locanda’s interiors, an Italian Bistro at Jordaan’s neighbourhood in Amsterdam.

Box St.

In a land of 4m x 40m, located in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana in São Paulo, there was the desire of the clients to carry out a food trade made with containers that would allow a greater interaction with the external space.

La Cantina Pizzolato

The office space is structured to be an representative image of the company, its sensibility and of the always organic production (this year it will celebrate 35 years of activity, certified organic and vegan for all types of wines produced).

Metal Hut – Lucky Bar

With the size of only 52 ㎡ (kitchen not included), the original ramen shop is adapted to a BBQ bar. Features of the project: narrow space, limited budget and poor location. What we propose: switching perspective, ultralow price and wormhole.

Copper Head

In Copper Head bar high technologies and classic traditions merged into one. Brewery gives an opportunity not only enjoy freshly brewed beverage, and to look behind the scenes the process of making it.

Summit Bar

Located on the 21st floor of the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Oslo, the renovation of Summit Bar was completed in June 2016. With its breathtaking view over Oslo as a starting point, it was a natural direction to emphasize this quality and to the strengthen the concept behind the summit.

Pavilion Bertrange (LUX)

The single-storey pavilion is located in the centre of Bertrange. In the context of a redesign of Bertrange’s centre, a new town square is created in close proximity to the town hall and the church with a neighbouring park.

The Backyard, in Green Park

Sited amidst the busy streets of Green Park, New Delhi, Group DCA was asked to create a café cum bar that calls itself the Backyard and even amidst the framework of chaos, provides an aura of relaxation and happiness by means of every detail.

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