Andres Bruno born in Argentina, were he studied Advertaising and Art Direction. The most confortable concept to understand your work is “Visual Communication”.

Started his career in advertising in 2004. Later, he worked in “Errecondo Publicidad” and “Dale!” like art director over five years.

Since 2008 he has developed his own fashion, graphic design, and editorial projects, and since 2014 is the Director of the Design Department in a company dedicated to decoration and the textile industry while developing his own projects related to art and decoration.

+Selected Works
First prize in Branding and Advertising campaing contest in Cambio A crowdsourcing site.(Colombia-México)

First prize in Identity and Branding contest in Cambio A crowdsourcing site.(Colombia-México)

MILENNIALS (2016) First prize in Identity and Branding contest in Mercado Creativo crowdsourcing site.(Colombia)

LAS MANOS DE TÚCUME. (2015) Design Thinking project selected to develope in Perú Design Net 2015. (IED Madrid, España)

DEKOTORA. (2013) Animation project selected to be part of the visual back-up of the Lorenzo Jovanotti show, developed by the Ragazzi Della Prateria Studio. (Italia)

FALLA POPULAR (2018) Colective Show. Maledicto Gallery.
(Medellín, Colombia)

LABORATORIO OVNI NERD (2016) Colective Show. Results of Interactive Science Fiction Lab (Ovni-Nerd). IDEARTES (Bogotá, Colombia)

FUN FUN. (2015) Illustration artworks selected to be a part of Pera de Goma Gallery, Gruop Show. (Montevideo, Uruguay)

ESCAPE. (2012) Photographic exhibition with Natalí Albornoz. (Ar) and
Nicolas Frak like Curator. (Argentina)


UAI 2003 - 2005

Lic. en Publicidad, Comunicación

Underground 2005 - 2006

Redactor y Director de arte publicitario, Publicidad y Diseño

Escuela Industria 2007 - 2009

Director de Arte, Diseño


Errecondo Publicidad 2004 - 2006

Redactor, Publicidad / Marketing / RRPP

Dale! Agencia 2007 - 2010

Director de Arte, Publicidad / Marketing / RRPP

DIB 2011 - Al presente

Jefe de Diseño, Textil, Diseño

DIB Colombia 1916 - Al presente

Jefe. Dpto. Diseño, Diseño